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Tree Planting

Plant with us.No matter when or where you are.

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Scholarship programme for Sri Lanka school childrens

"සබද, නිබද, සුරකින්න පරිසරය"
"Be a friend - Protect The Environment"


For more than 19 years we have been saving wildlife and wild places


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Our work to help create a society where nature matters. Education, forest schools, nature and wellbeing, access to nature in Sri Lanka.


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Freshwater fish

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Our Projects
Tree plant

Wildlife Explorer

Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of wildlife in their daily lives and love them.

Blue bottle

The Common Bluebottle has a macular band which runs from the apex of the forewing to the inner margin of the hindwing on both the upper and underside. This band varies from pale green through various hues of bluish-green to deep blue

Sri Lanka blue magpie

An endemic bird inhabits only primary forests and near by home gardens in wet zone and foot hills. Uncommon and declared as a vulnerable bird in IUCN red list of threatened fauna and flora of Sri Lanka

Slender lorises

Referred to as “unahapuluwa” in Sinhalese, and “kutti thevangu” in Tamil, both species of loris in the slender loris genus can be found in Sri Lanka.

Green Pit Viper
පලා පොළඟා

Green Pit Viper is a moderately venomous endemic snake to Sri Lanka. It is arboreal and nocturnal, occasionally descending to the ground in search of food comprises of frogs, small mammals and birds. This sluggish pit viper is usually encountered on low shrubs during morning hours.